Custom Built motorised Basman 346 for Steve Saunders NYC USA

Finished in Clear Lacquer over bare metal frame.



Final build after a few mods to sprocket gearing


Working Rear LED vintage style rear lamp


60 cc Two stroke motor fitted low gravity position, very challenging fitting location due to clearance restrictions of pedal chain.


Vintage Brooks B33 leather saddle, also showing three speed shift lever.


4.5 inch Chrome headlamp with LED bulb fitted


Specially made ply crate ready for shipping to New York City USA



2 responses to “Custom Built motorised Basman 346 for Steve Saunders NYC USA

  1. Derrick ⋅

    I want a bike like that one. How Much does it cost with shipping and all .. I live in sweden

    • Hi Derrick, that was a custom build, the first Motorized Basman built with a petrol motor, you need to know that it uses a 2 stroke motor and most EU and foreign countries have a ban on the import and use of these type of engines now. I can still buy them and fit them but you need to check on whether you can use it anywhere in Sweden. If you plan on using it in town it may have to be registered as a new vehicle and there is no way these motors would pass EU emission test so it is basically an off road bike.
      That particular bike cost £2500 to build, it has to be shipped in a wooden crate @ £175, plus the shipping, I would need your address to get prices on shipping door to door and depending on your countries import customs you may have some tax duty to pay as well.
      I am not trying to put you off and I would be only too happy to build you one, but its best to do your homework on the rules and regulations for your country.
      Thanks for your interest and feel free to contact me anytime.
      Best regards Barry

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